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Our Mission
Employee Benefits Consulting is the core service provided by Nagel Consulting LLC. We are also skilled in individual insurance, which allows us to design individual programs for executives and key employees.
Nagel Consulting LLC has been practicing in the employee benefits field for over 20 years. We are independent insurance brokers and maintain direct working relationships with insurance carriers licensed to do business in New York State. 




Employee Benefit Consultants for over 20 years, Nagel Consulting LLC can help companies of all sizes more effectively and efficiently manage their employee benefit plans. We will be there every step of the way to help you educate, enroll, renew, and manage your employee benefit programs.

Contact Us


585-227-1300 X-1

Nagel Consulting LLC 




Areas of Practice

Employer Paid & Voluntary Benefits

        Medical Insurance

        Dental Insurance

        Life Insurance

​        Long Term Disability

​        Short Term Disability

​        Voluntary Benefit

           - Accident Insurance

           - Critical Illness         

           - Hospital Policy



Executive Benefits

        Long Term Disability            

        Long Term Care Insurance

        Group Life  (Carve Out)

        Buy/Sell Insurance

        Key Person Life Insurance

        Split Dollar Life Insurance



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